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Update: Puppies Due 1/6/19

Welcome! My Name is Grace Wilkins and I am fortunate to have the company of two beautiful Great Danes who I show and occasionally breed with the guidance of their co-owners and breeders. I bought my first dane, Henry, in 2010 and learned quickly about what a challenging breed these gentle giants can be. Henry died before he was two years old despite every possible veterinary treatment from top specialists of an autoimmune disease, and from that terrible experience I decided to learn as much as I could about health and genetics in the Great Dane. Years later I am still on that journey and hope to be for several decades to come!

Grace and Bug

I created this page to share information about my dogs and the breed as a whole to anyone who is interested. Unfortunately, many breeders of danes have litters of puppies for profit, leading many buyers like myself to purchasing a puppy for thousands of dollars who is unhealthy and destined for a short and painful life. Fortunately responsible breeders of the Great Dane take health, temperament, and conformation into account when carefully planning litters in order to produce the best show dogs and family companions that they can. Often, because these litters are not bred to make money, these high quality puppies with champion parents are LESS EXPENSIVE to purchase and of course a well bred puppy will be a pleasure to own!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I hope to update this website with a great deal of information on Great Danes, and how to find a well bred puppy from a breeder who will be a lifelong friend and support, but until then I am happy to help via e-mail. Click Here