March 6- Week 8

We have one pet girl who is available due to a change of plans with her people. Dot is a sweet puppy who scored very well from her behavioral evaluation by a trainer- she is confident but not pushy. She has started crate training and potty training and is ready to go home to the right people. $2000 as a pet on limited registration, with cropped ears. 



February 9th- Week 4

Puppies are all going outside on nice days and weaned onto kibble. Thank you Pet Photography by Kady Hanson for the beautiful pictures!!!

January 23rd 2019- Week 2

Everyone growing like weeds! I am making individual albums of available puppies which I will link here. Black puppies are $2000, Merle are $2500. Ear cropping is scheduled for 2/28 for those who would like ears cropped.

January 13th 2019- Week 1

Mom and babies all doing very well! Everyone is gaining weight on schedule and dew claws have been removed. If you would like to follow along photos, check out their instagram feed, below, or join their Facebook Group:

January 6th 2019- 12 Puppies! 

Right on time we welcomed 10 puppies into the family! Mom and babies are all doing well. We have 10 girls and 2 boys. I will post more pictures once I get some sleep! 

  • 3 show marked harlequin girls will be held for evaluation as show dogs at 8 weeks
  • 2 dark harlequin girls 
  • 5 black girls with white markings. One or two may be show marked blacks.
  • 1 Merle boy
  • 1 Black boy with white on chest

Pet puppies will be $2000-2500 on AKC limited registration. While I will do my best to honor gender and color preferences, I don’t have any way of knowing what we will end up with, and sometimes the right color puppy will be the wrong personality for a home. I greatly appreciate flexibility from you to help me pick the right match! If you are interested in a pet puppy, please email me a brief introduction- I do not have an application but do want to get to know you to see whether your home will be a good fit.

Harlequins and Mantles are our show colors and thus will be held and evaluated for show potential before we consider a pet home. We do not generally have harlequin pets available. Unlike many breeders who breed a litter for a profit, when I breed a litter it will be for a puppy to keep, show, and maybe breed down the road if all goes well. If you are interested in a show dog, please email me. We breed for health and structural soundness, and merles or mantles without the correct marking for the show ring are still beautiful, healthy, and typey Great Danes.

Puppies will come with a health guarantee against congenital defects, dewormed, and with their first vaccinations. I will provide lifetime support and require in my contract that if for any reason you can not keep the puppy, he or she will come back to me with no questions asked. Ear cropping can be done by a skilled veterinarian by request. If you wish to have ears cropped, be prepared for a few months of weekly ear taping. I will be happy to show you a few methods how. For more information, please download: PuppyContract